How To Catch a Rat!

Rat Traps

Using the rat traps efficiently is an essential factor because no doubt, rats are the worst kinds of rodents and they can instill you with disgust and fear. Also, they are the carriers of many diseases and so, it is important to use the rat traps effectively to shoo them away! Instead of blowing up much money in pest control, it is always good to go for the traps that will help you in saving money as well as keeping away from the disgust of dead rats in your home. So, how do you move ahead with the idea of using the rat traps?

Buy and BaitRat Trap

The very first step is to buy the rat traps and bait anything in them. It can be anything from peanut butter to cheese. Basically, you should choose anything that can cling to trap efficiently. Apply the bait (cheese or bacon) to bait lever or metal piece right in the middle of the trap. Make sure that you use a generous quantity of the bait to trap the rat.

Set the Trap

Once you have done this, the next step in using the rat traps is to pull the spring-loaded metal rectangular bar. This will set your trap for the rat. Pull the spring bar back till it touches the wooden base of the rat trap. Hook the metal rod attached to the wooden base to the small tab. Relax the pressure on the spring bar gradually, and the trap is set.

Place Rat Traps in Proper Areas

Make sure that you place the rat traps at right positions and directions. You can put the trap at places where you have seen the rats in maximum numbers. The best idea is to put them along the walls, in trash areas, and behind the appliances.

Dispose of the Rat Traps After Catching the Rodent

After you have caught the rat, the task is over. Make sure that you dispose of the rat traps immediately after using. Put them in the sealed garbage. Make sure that you wash your hands properly with the soapy and hot water to avoid getting infected by any disease. Catching the rat using the rat traps isn’t very difficult if you do it correctly, and place the trap in the right directions and positions of your home. It is important, however, to dispose of the rat traps after using.them